Delivery from Södertälje’s best restaurants and stores

Få hem maten du älskar, snabbt och smidigt

Popular restaurants

From Greek to Thai

With so many restaurants to choose from home food delivery in Södertälje is a window into international cuisine the world over. Let your taste buds dream of the Greek paradise island of Santorini or the majestic beaches in Thailand. Here in Södertälje, the Santorini Grill House has everything from seafood to vegetarian dishes and all sorts in between. Perhaps you would enjoy classic Greek gyros or a traditional Greek salad? Or for more Asian-inspired cooking, check out Bangkok Thai and Thai Beirut where you will find incredibly yummy Thai cuisine, full of smoking hot soups, delectable stews, and crispy spring rolls. Bring home a tasty fried rice dish or a curry stew to enjoy a wonderful evening with a truly special culinary experience — all in the comfort of your own kitchen. You can even order ice cream and desserts with foodora; round off the evening with some chocolate ice cream from Ben & Jerry's or a bag of crisps for while you're watching a film on the couch.

Who doesn't love O'Leary's?

O'Leary's is an absolute gem of a tavern, a truly authentic place that offers everything from crispy fries made of halloumi to those huge and magical American pancakes — whatever you order, O'Leary's in Södertälje is always a tasty treat. And while it’s a hot spot over on Slussgatan, with foodora you can get your favourite dishes delivered directly to your door. Ordering right to your home is an easy and effective way to set exactly the right mood of cosy comfort and relaxed dining. Order up some nachos for the movie or a plate of glazed ribs for a lovely feast right at home. Södertälje is also home to a wide variety of pizzerias to choose from — always a safe bet when it comes to ordering in!

Home delivery of food in Södertälje is here to stay

We don’t always have the time and energy to stand over the stove day in and day out — even when we do, sometimes we just want a break from the routine. Let our easy and convenient home food delivery in Södertälje come to your rescue. It’s a great way to explore new and exciting dishes from kitchens all over the world — it’s a great way to inspire your own cooking. Plus, you never know when you’ll find your new favourite dish. Home food delivery helps make everyday life a little bit easier by lifting the burden off your shoulders while still letting you enjoy a great meal. That way, you can focus on the occasion — whether it’s a grand feast, a relaxed party, a romantic dinner, or just a simple, tasty meal — and enjoy yourself without muss or hassle.