Enjoy the best of Thai cuisine delivered right to your home in Uppsala!

Ordering Thai food from restaurants in Uppsala near you couldn't have been easier!

Bring that special holiday feeling to life with Thai food delivered straight to your door here in Uppsala! Thailand is an immensely popular holiday destination for many Swedes as it brings to mind thoughts of tropical white beaches, waving palm trees and perfectly spiced curry pots. While we can’t give you everything, the food is certainly something we can take care of, now delivered directly to your door!

Amazing Thai, Prik Thai or Ahaan Fusion?

Curries, with their toothsome coconut milk bases, are some of the most popular and beloved dishes in Thai cuisine. The juicy, tasty pots are typically named after the colour of the chili pepper used to flavour them. Traditionally, red curry is the mildest variant, yellow is the golden medium, and green curries can really have a kick. Although these vary somewhat in modern Thai cuisine, it’s a good guide to keep in mind for whenever you’re in doubt. Uppsala offers an extensive selection of restaurants brimming with authentic Thai — perfect for both everyday meals or for hosting a fabulous festivity! Prik Thai is highly regarded here in Uppsala, and it is little wonder why. Their delicious coconut milk curries are stuffed with bamboo shoots and toothsome fried rice. And be sure to try their wok dishes that are overflowing with all sorts of fanciful delicacies. Each dish has been meticulously flavoured with Thai basil, ginger and chili to create a seductive combination with the mild taste of the coconut milk. They also have classic dishes such as pad thai, a dish of savoury rice noodles with eggs, carrots and onions as well as your choice of protein. They even have sushi on their menu! Ahaan Thai is another great place, well known for their satay skewers with delicious peanut sauce. And for a foray into Japanese cuisine, be sure to check out Eddy's Deli & Livs with their popular bento box! They also offer savoury sandwiches and toothsome pasta dishes on the side.

Thai food delivered to your door in Uppsala — the perfect gilding on a Friday night or elegant lunchtime pick-me-up!

Thai food delivered to your door in Uppsala — the perfect gilding on a Friday night or elegant lunchtime pick-me-up!

Home food delivery is a convenient way to really just make your life a touch easier. You are not only investing in a freshly prepared meal, but you also get far more leisure time, which you can spend doing the things you really love! Instead of cooking and cleaning, why not spend time with your friends and family? Or maybe take time to enjoy a film, book, or tv show? Perhaps: just a moment to relax? Thai food delivered straight to your door in Uppsala is a great way to give yourself a break during a tough exam period or while finishing up that term paper. And once you’re done, there’s no better way to spice up a Friday night than with a brilliant feast!