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Thailand is a favourite travel destination for many Swedes — it quickly brings to mind thoughts of tropical white beaches and waving palm trees. Now you can bring those holiday memories back to life with tasty Thai food brought right to your home Malmö! Get a perfectly seasoned curry pot delivered directly to your door, ready to eat. Feel the heat of the sun and the breath of the wind when you enjoy authentic Asian cuisine right in the comfort of home. Kick things up a notch with a spicy curry or a creamy pad thai, all available with just a few clicks.

Red, yellow or green? The choice is yours!

One of the most common dishes in Thai cuisine are the delicious curries! They typically use coconut milk as a base but each one uses a distinct type of chili pepper — traditionally, red, green and yellow. The powerful flavours of these spices are then carefully balanced by a slew of other tasty ingredients. Red curry is considered the mildest variant, yellow is a bit strong with a slight kick, and green is only for those who really like spice, although of course it can vary considerably in modern Thai cuisine. Yellow curry gets its beautiful hue from the colour of turmeric which also provides the characteristic slightly bitter yet crisp taste. Green curry, on the other hand, generally contains fresh leaves such as basil and lime leaves. When it comes to Malmö, Coconut is one of the most beloved eateries and it’s easy to see why. Not only do they have delicious Thai dishes, they even have other elements of Asian cuisine such as delectable sushi! That way everyone can get exactly what they’re in the mood for. Be sure to check out their classic curry pots with rice or their myriad noodle dishes like the immensely popular pad thai. There is also an array of toothsome Vietnamese dishes such as the famous pho noodle soup and their colourful summer rolls. Tamnak Thai is another local favourite that’s worth checking out — be sure to try out their käeng pak raum, a gluten-free and completely vegan red curry. And with convenient home delivery in Malmö, it’s easier than ever to try out all these great dishes!

Give your meal the spirit of a holiday vacation with some Thai food delivered straight to you in Malmö!

When you order for delivery, everything just gets a little bit easier. Give your taste buds the delicious treat of sumptuous Thai food on a busy weekday evening or a lazy Friday night — there’s little better than a lovely coconut curry or spicy noodle dish to really get you up and going again. Ordering for delivery is also a great way to turn a boring work lunch into an exciting meal! Get Thai food delivered straight to your place of work to give you and your colleagues a real treat in the midst of a tough day!