Enjoy the very best of the cuisine from Sweden’s favourite holiday location with home-delivered Thai food in Gothenburg!

Ordering Thai food from restaurants in Gothenburg near you couldn't have been easier!

Thailand is a favourite holiday locale for many Swedes — it’s a wonderful place to enjoy the sun, but of course many people adore it for its fabulous cuisine! Let your taste buds dream of white beaches, waving palm trees, and perfectly seasoned curry pots served directly to your door. Few things awaken those precious holiday memories like flavour and aroma — and trust us, those memories will burst back to life when presented with a steaming fresh curry or tasty pad thai!

Red, green or yellow? Curry in all styles!

Thai food contains many different kinds of curry pots that use coconut milk as their base. The curries can easily be differentiated by the colour of their predominant chili pepper, which is typically paired alongside the other ingredients in the mix. Traditionally, red is the mildest, yellow features medium heat, and green is the most spicy, although this has come to vary somewhat in modern food culture. Yellow curries often contain turmeric, which gives them their characteristic flavour of freshness with a hint of bitterness. Green curries often incorporate ingredients such as lime leaves and basil, enhancing both their taste and colour. Jola Thai is one of Gothenburg's absolute favourites when it comes to home delivered Thai food. Here you can choose from classic curry stews with rice or hearty noodle dishes with meat and vegetables. The ever-popular pad thai or wok dishes with vegetables and cashews are surefire hits for anyone who loves Thai cuisine. Their deep-fried tofu with sweet and sour sauce is also a favourite for many, as is their delicate oyster sauce, which gives many Thai dishes their unique flavour. Samui Thai Kitchen is another highly-regarded restaurant in Gothenburg — select from their many curry dishes with rice, a wide variety of noodle dishes with either egg or rice noodles, and top it all off with a hot and hearty soup. Samui Thai Kitchen is particularly well known for their Tom Yum, a wonderful soup with a coconut milk base that blends seamlessly with aromatic Thai spices and your choice of protein.

Home delivery in Gothenburg means your favourite Thai dish is just a few clicks away!

Home food delivery just makes life a little bit easier. Order some sweet or savoury Thai food directly to your home and save yourself hours in the kitchen or a day at the shop. It’s the perfect solution for those busy weekday evenings where you simply don’t have the time to cook between activities. Or order home delivery as a grand way to spice up a hangout with a group of friends. You can even have your meal delivered straight to your place of work — it’s a great way to enjoy your lunch break without added stress or mess. Thai food delivered right to your door is hugely convenient and gives you the energy you need to keep going all day long!