Enjoy delicious Japanese cuisine right in the comfort of your home with convenient sushi delivery in Stockholm!

Ordering sushi from restaurants in Stockholm near you couldn't have been easier!

Stockholm was the first place in Sweden to serve sushi — even as early as the 1970s, there were quite a few places that had the popular fish dish on their menus. Although its major breakthrough would come a bit later, today there are a ton of tasty options — now made all the easier with convenient home delivery anywhere you are. Sushi is a seafood delicacy, usually consisting of raw fish that has been rolled in a sheet of seagrass to bind it all together. These basics are typically combined with a variety of vegetables such as avocado and cucumber as well as rice and spices. Sushi is known for its many flavours and textures, plus its meticulous, appealing aesthetic — small wonder it’s such a beloved dish here in Stockholm! And the capital boasts all sorts of different sushi restaurants that are just waiting to deliver to your home. Just pick and choose from the myriad options and in just moments you’ll have a tasty meal full of delicious Japanese delicacies!

Sushi or sashimi, maki or nigiri? The best of Japan, just the way you want it!

Stockholm has many sushi restaurants where you can get exactly what you crave. Maybe you’re just a bit hungry and want a small meal of six or seven maki? Or perhaps you’d like to share amongst friends with a fifteen roll set? There is a ton of classic sushi with shrimp, tuna, crab and salmon; of course, you’ll also find vegetarian alternatives with ingredients such as egg and tofu. Sashimi refers to the raw fish on its own, while maki are the speciality rolls that we in the western world often associate with sushi. Or to mix things up, try the Nigiri — these are Japanese rice balls with various sides, typically wrapped in nori seagrass. And don’t forget the salty soy sauce, spicy wasabi and sweet pickled ginger! Check out Itamae Izakaya for their delicious sushi and their wholesome bowls full of fresh vegetables. And with tasty sushi delivered straight to your front door, it’s easy to enjoy this incredible delicacy!

Sushi delivered right to your door in Stockholm — a truly satisfying feeling!

Home food delivery is the perfect solution when you just don’t have the time or energy to cook or clean. When you order, you are freeing up the hours for the important things in life — spending time with your friends and family or doing a hobby you love, all while getting to enjoy a tasty and nutritious meal at lunch or on a lazy afternoon. What will you choose today?