Malmö's sushi restaurants have a lot to offer

Ordering sushi from restaurants in Malmo near you couldn't have been easier!

It’s easy to be a fan of sushi here in Malmö as there are a ton of great restaurants. Izakaya Koi on Lilla torg is a true standout — here you can try all sorts of delicious nigiri and maki rolls, plus a whole array of toothsome Asian cuisine such as kimchi salad and yakisoba noodles. Many of Malmö's sushi restaurants also offer various curry and wok bowls to enjoy, alongside the sushi. Sushido, at Malmö Live, even has a terrific children's menu for the little ones! And don’t forget about Sushi Rebellion, with their unique aubergine nigiri topped with basil aioli and grated parmesan. Coconut on Gamla Väster is another favourite in Malmö, with its large selection of sushi and warm dishes. Of course, be sure to add your favourite sides when you order sushi in Malmö so you can enjoy the delicate flavours of soy sauce, wasabi and wakame salad.

Prefer vegetarian cuisine? No problem!

Malmö is home to plenty of vegetarian and vegan options! Ayutthaya on Bergsgatan, for instance, has a large vegetarian menu to choose from. Zushi Malmö on Drottningtorget is the place to go for vegan choices: their Vegal Roll with tofu, vegan chili mayo, and hearty sesame seeds is a natural favourite. Or you can check out Miyagi's Sushi on Kattsundsgatan for their yummy vegetarian rolls made with fresh cucumber, salad, avocado and tofu.

Have you tried convenient home delivered sushi in Malmö yet?

Malmö is well known for its beautiful parks and views of the majestic Öresund — the perfect location for a delectable array of sushi restaurants! Have a quick bite of sushi and then gear up for a lovely swim at Ribersborgs Kallbadhus! Or you can indulge in a lovely poké bowl while sunbathing in Pildammsparken. Or maybe your travels have brought you to Folkets Park but you’re not quite ready to go home — with convenient delivery, you can enjoy your meal wherever you are! Sushi is also ideal for an office lunch as it need not be kept warm and you can eat it at your leisure. Of course, you need not limit yourself to sushi — there’s all manner of culinary delights that you can order just about anywhere. The possibilities are truly endless, and now you can make lunch fun again.