Enjoy the delights of the sea without having to leave the comforts of home with sushi right here in Gothenburg!

Ordering sushi from restaurants in Gothenburg near you couldn't have been easier!

In the coastal city of Gothenburg, fish is a mainstay of almost every menu — now you can order the best of Japanese seafood directly to your door! Sushi is a speciality dish that usually consists of raw fish and other ingredients that have been gently rolled in a sheet of seaweed. They are usually flavoured with vinegar and other vegetables such as cucumber and avocado to create a delicacy of unique texture that is bursting with distinctive flavour. Sushi is quite popular amongst Swedes, especially those living in the coastal areas — and since Gothenburg lies just along the water, the area boasts lots of sushi restaurants that can all quickly and conveniently deliver right to your home. Choose the number of maki and rolls depending on your appetite and you’ll soon have a lovely batch of Japanese delicacies delivered directly to your door.

Sushi, maki, nigiri or sashimi? Taste the best of Japanese cuisine!

Gothenburg's many sushi restaurants let you pick and choose exactly the kind and quantity of sushi you desire. Just a bit hungry and want 6 pieces of the same roll? Have a bit of an appetite and want to try 15 pieces of different varieties? You can also get a bunch to share! In addition to the classic sushi fillings like shrimp, crabfish, tuna and salmon, many restaurants offer tasty vegetarian options including tofu and egg. The creamy avocado found in most rolls serves to nicely balance the slightly harsh taste of the seaweed, while also providing a soothing salty flavour that works well with the neutral flavours of the rice. Sashimi refers to the raw fish on its own, while nigiri are Japanese rice balls that have been mixed with various ingredients and wrapped in seaweed. Maki are the rolls we usually think of when we talk about sushi, and they are typically the most common kind. Whatever your preference, everything is served with soy sauce, pickled ginger and wasabi to create a nice palette of flavours. Many sushi restaurants, such as Super Sushi Drottninggatan, for instance, also offer a wide variety of warm dishes — be sure to try a tasty plate of yakitori skewers sounds, or some of their sumptuous dumplings. And with convenient home delivery in Gothenburg, it’s never been easier to enjoy sushi right in the comfort of your own home!

Sushi delivered straight to your home in Gothenburg makes a luxurious dinner in a snap!

Home food delivery is a perfect option when you want to spend your precious time on things other than shopping, cooking and cleaning. Skip the dishes and order a wonderful array of sushi! That way you can spend your time hanging out with friends or relaxing during lunch instead of having to worry about the meal. What are you craving today?