Freshly baked pizza delivered straight to your home in Uppsala — from dough to door in no time at all!

Order your Pizza take away in Uppsala and have it delivered to your doorstep!

Pizza is one of the most popular dishes in all of Sweden and Uppsala is absolutely no exception. This delicious southern Italian dish has become a mainstay when it comes to picnics in the park, Saturday night hangouts, or any sort of celebratory occasion. Whatever your moment, savour it all the more with a fresh and tasty pizza delivered straight to your door.

Bistro Corner, Lili's or Pizzeria Amore

Uppsala prides itself on its many local restaurants that have received top ratings, and the home delivery pizza places in Uppsala are excellent examples. Bistro Hörnan is a real favourite among students as well as for young parents and sports lovers. Whether it’s the real buffalo mozzarella or the speciality house tomato sauce that draws people in, we may never know. Whatever it is, be sure to try out all of their interesting flavour combinations such as the Vit Chèvre, a toothsome pizza without tomato sauce but covered in delicious crème fraîche, salty chèvre cheese, sweet beets, crispy pine nuts, peppery kale and angelic honey. Their à la carte has all sorts of hot dishes such as the vegan risotto, myriad fresh pasta dishes, or crisp salads served with garlic bread. Round out the meal with an exquisite French chocolate cake — true luxury in culinary form! Lili's Burger is another favourite with a wide selection of vegan pizzas. They even have a great meal deal that includes a 33 cl drink! Or check out their vegan kebab pizza with pepperoncini, vegan kebab, and fresh tomatoes. Or there’s their You Chef speciality with vegan minced faux meat that can be customised with up to five ingredients. Their delightful hamburgers are served on hearty brioche bread and can be paired with all manner of sides and secondary ingredients such as crispy french fries, delicious cheeses, or savoury eggs. The sauce menu is truly something to behold: check out their unique variations such as avocado mayo, truffle mayo or mango mayo to go along with those yummy fries! Whatever you choose, you’re in for a treat!

Freshly baked pizza delivered right here in Uppsala — meals on the go, whenever you want, wherever you want it!

Home food delivery gives you the gift not only of a great meal but also of the time and energy you save by ordering out! Spend that time doing the things you love such as spending time with your friends or enjoying a hobby. Pizza is a great way to turn an ordinary lunch into something special!