Home food delivery in Stockholm — pizza at its very best

The best of Stockholm's pizza offerings delivered to your home.

Treat yourself to a delicious pizza right at home! With freshly made pizza delivered right to your door, you have instant access to the many amazing pizzerias here in Stockholm. It’s a wonderful way to make any event special or to just take a break for your midweek meal. Stockholm has all sorts of pizzas, everything from luxury premium variants to the iconic classics. Just place your order, then sit back and relax while your meal comes to you — skip the cooking and enjoy a film, read a book, or just spend time with your friends and family. Home delivery for delicious Stockholm pizza makes it easier than ever to get a great meal going. You can even enjoy a slice at your place of work or while exploring the streets of our beautiful capital!

Pizza for everyone!

With so much toothsome and delicious pizza here in Stockholm, we’re sure nobody will go disappointed. And in the capital, you’ll find everything you could imagine: American pizzas, vegetarian and vegan pizzas, parma pizzas, and even classic Italian pizzas. At Klang Market Karlaplan you’ll find innovative gourmet pizzas such as Pizza Chèvre & Walnut or the Pizza Gambas & Garlic. They are a great way to really add a touch of fun and elegance to your Friday night festivities. Pizza Express City offers a tasty vegan pizza for anyone in the mood. And Green Knight Pizza has a solid menu with all sorts of different vegetarian pizzas to choose from.

Burrata, asparagus and banana — toppings galore!

What’s your preferred topping? It’s an unending topic of conversation — and trust us, there is no right or wrong. Fortunately, with convenient home delivery, everyone can choose exactly what they’re craving at the moment. Whether it’s old favourites or new discoveries, there are all sorts of pizza combinations to try. Dare to test new combinations — you never knew what exciting flavours and tastes will become your new favourite!