With freshly baked pizza brought straight to your door in Malmö, you’re in for a perfect dining experience!

Get the best pizza in Malmö delivered to your home!

Pizza is an immensely popular choice in Sweden, and it’s little wonder! The Italian dish got its start in Naples but it has since found its way all over the world. Here in Malmö, it has certainly been given a place of honour when it comes to lunch and dinner menus all over the city — there are lots of places all over town that have delectable pizza delights! And when they can be brought directly to your door right here in Malmö, well, there’s nothing more convenient than that. What are you in the mood for tonight?

The Tower, Forino or Fredo's?

Malmö is home to a wide range of pizzerias. One popular choice is Tornet Pizzeria, winner of the Best in its City award. Here you can enjoy pizza baked on a homemade, gluten-free dough — a truly tasty treat! They also make delicious pizzas overflowing with gorgonzola and mozzarella as well as several vegetarian options inspired by African, Greek and Italian cuisines. Then you can round out your meal with a lovely container of sweet ice cream from the beloved Ben & Jerry's. Forino Pizzeria is another Malmö favourite. They have a considerable selection of speciality vegan pizzas brimming with crunchy vegetables, vegan cheeses and vegan chicken or ham substitutes. You’ll also find toothsome kebab and falafel dishes on their menu for everyone to enjoy! Fredo's Pizzagastronomia has a unique concept with their authentic Italian antipasti — delicious starters like mozzarella cheeses and sumptuous prosciutto. Be sure to check out their unique dessert pizzas that have been topped with creamy mascarpone, strawberries and chocolate. You can also order authentic Italian ice cream from GROM, a truly extraordinary flavour. The varied range of pizza here in Malmö surely won’t disappoint!

Pizza delivered straight to your door here in Malmö — freshly baked pizza whenever the mood strikes!

Pizza delivered straight to your door here in Malmö — freshly baked pizza whenever the mood strikes!

Ordering food straight to your home is a welcome, well-deserved and eminently worthwhile everyday luxury. It’s also a great way to put that beautiful gilded edge on a cosy Saturday night or a lively Sunday brunch. Experience the convenience and comfort of delivery to enjoy a simpler, more relaxed side to life! You can also order pizza directly to your place of work for an exciting meal that will last you through the workday. That way you can have a fulfilling lunch, all without the hassle and stress of making it yourself!