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Cosy Lund is known as the small big city, a place that brings together students and workers with the many stately buildings that are the pride of the town, such as the beautiful central cathedral. As an eclectic and diverse city, Lund has some amazing pizzerias, and thanks to convenient home delivery, it’s easier than ever to enjoy a freshly baked pizza in the comfort of home. You are ​​just a few clicks away from creating a delicious brunch, lunch or dinner delivered directly to your door! What are you craving today?

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Lund truly has something for all tastes! Mårtens Pizzeria is one of the city's most popular locales, boasting the Best of the City award! A surefire bet that will satisfy all stomachs, even those who prefer something on the leaner side of things — one of their famous specialities is the Keyhole Special, which comes topped with flavourful chicken and lean cheese. Their menu is bursting with pizzas full of rare, toothsome delicacies such as chanterelles, beef fillet and asparagus. Or if you want more of a vegetable-based meal, make sure to try some of their crisp, tasty salads. V.E.S.P.A. Lund is another standout in the area; they offer an extensive menu of traditional Italian pizzas that will bring you back to the culinary roots of the homeland! Their menu has been divided into Pizze Rosse and Pizze Bianche — red and white pizzas, respectively — so that you can choose exactly the style that will make your mouth water.

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Home delivery just makes life easier. It’s a great option when you’re busy with other things or just don’t want to tend to cooking for the night. With home delivery, you can instead spend your time doing the things that are important in life: whether it’s studying for an exam, watching the match on TV, or just lounging around with friends or loved ones, some things are too important to miss. And with convenient home delivery, all tastes and diets are easily satisfied! Whether you’re gearing up for a late night out or a cosy evening in with the family, pizza delivered right to your door makes for a welcome and comfortable night. Or why not brighten up a slow day at work by treating yourself to a tasty pizza at lunch?