You haven't truly lived until you've tried authentic Mexican food delivered right to your home in Gothenburg!

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Gothenburg has it all — out here on the coast, cultural and culinary experiences abound! It’s little wonder everyone seems so happy. And with Mexican food delivered right to your door here in Gothenburg, you can take your stomach and taste buds to pure bliss with all the delicious authentic flavours. Lime ice cream, roasted sweet potato and melted cheese — or load up with crispy tortilla chips and creamy guacamole; no matter what you choose, you’re sure to satisfy just about any craving.

Burritos, fajitas or tacos — and nachos on the side

There are all sorts of amazing Mexican restaurants right here in Gothenburg ready for the tasting. Mexican food is perfect for home delivery because there are so many yummy choices. Customize your order to make a scrumptious meal that will delight your taste buds. And, of course, you can choose how much heat you want with the salsa. Are you vegan? Don’t despair! GBG has burritos packed with pulled jackfruit and fajitas full of protein-rich pulled oats.

With all the Mexican cuisine in Gothenburg, you really have the perfect meal

Take a break from routine and kickstart your meal with some delicious Mexican food! Think of it this way: why settle for a bland meal when you can order one with lots of flavours and sumptuous aromas. Plus — you can enjoy it from basically anywhere in the city. Love tacos? Look no further than the Taco Bar where they have tons of delicious tacos and all sorts of delectable finger food. You never know when you’ll find your new favourite dish! And with convenient delivery, you can get the meal sent straight to your home or office. With authentic Mexican cuisine and good company, life just gets a little bit better — there’s no better way to create a memorable day here in Gothenburg!