Enjoy the powerful flavours of the Middle East right here in Stockholm

Falafel, kebab or hummus - we have something to suit everyone. Order Middle Easter food with foodora!

Stockholm really has become a tremendously popular food city. Our capital is now considered to be a world-class dining destination with a wide range of cuisines from all over the world. When it's time to order Middle Eastern, you can get it delivered right to your home in Stockholm. There are tons of fun options to try, and all of them offer new taste adventures. Unfamiliar with the cuisine? Ask your friends and family what you should try! You might be surprised by what they have to offer, but we’re confident you’ll enjoy whatever dish you pick!

A diverse menu full of eclectic dishes

Exploring the menus of Middle East-oriented restaurants are a great way to explore a ton of new and interesting flavours here in Stockholm. And there’s lots to choose from: perhaps a tasty kebab dish from Kebabistan? Or how about one of the many vegan options from Shahrzad such as their Veg Aloo Spinach with plums? And don’t forget about the lovely falafel rolls at MALMØ K25. Tabbouli Street is the natural place for delicious and hearty tabbouli, of course! Be sure to also try their toothsome Lebanese mini pizzas or their delicious salads and wraps.

Save time with a delicious meal from foodora

Life is so much more than struggling and slaving over the stovetop. When you order a freshly prepared meal straight to your door, you free up tons of time and energy that can be spent doing the things you really love. Master a skill, learn a hobby, or just take some time to rest and relax. And when you order authentic Middle Eastern right to your home here in Stockholm, you can be certain that a feast awaits your taste buds that will be pure pleasure for your palate and your stomach.