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The Indian subcontinent is home to many different food traditions that each boast their own unique flavours and cuisines. Food is usually divided into North Indian, South Indian and East Indian, and each region has its own speciality, everything from savoury rice to richly-flavoured cheese. Whatever you try, however, spices are a natural ingredient of Indian flavours as they are used extensively throughout many of their dishes — the distinctive spices used throughout the area are what characterize Indian food the world over. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the food is hot! Spices add flavour, not necessarily heat, and because of this unique and hearty taste, Indian food has become very popular in Stockholm. And now, thanks to the ease of home delivery, delicious and authentic Indian cuisine is just a few clicks away!

Korma, paneer and tikka masala

Tikka masala is a spicy Indian sauce that is an immensely popular dish everywhere in the world. Made with a wonderfully creamy sauce, it is often paired with chicken or vegetables and made with tomato sauce, coconut cream and various spices such as ginger, chilli and coriander. Since many Indians are Hindus or Muslims, lamb is the most common meat and beef is rarely used. Other common proteins include chicken, seafood, legumes and paneer, a delightful vegetarian option of relatively flavor-neutral cheese that really soaks in the flavour from the sauce. And with convenient home delivery in Stockholm, the vast array of Indian cuisine is available at your fingertips! When it comes to restaurants, Indian Stories is one of the favourite places amongst Stockholm residents. Here you will find iconic classics such as korma (an Indian curry seasoned with onions, green chilli, garlic and ginger) that can be paired with chicken, lamb, paneer or vegetables. Whatever your main dish, definitely don’t forget the naan! Naan is a delicious clay-oven baked bread that you can get with cheese or garlic — perfect for dipping into curries and stews. Indian cuisine is ideal for vegetarians, as well, and Indian Stories has many options like their toothsome vegetable okra! Lilla Karachi is another hotspot in Stockholm where you can enjoy a smoking fresh aloo gobi (a savoury cauliflower and potato stew) or their chana masala with nutty chickpeas?

With easy home delivery Stockholm, planning a Friday night is easy as tearing off a piece of naan!

Home food delivery is the easiest and best way to enjoy the top restaurants in the city without having to leave the comfort of home. Whether you’re busy on a weekday and just want dinner taken care of or want to add a touch of luxury to a Friday night, home delivery is a great way to surprise your friends and loved ones with a tasty feast!