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The Indian subcontinent has produced all sorts of different food traditions that boast their own unique flavours and cuisines. Everything from North Indian, South Indian and East Indian, each area has its own distinct speciality, everything from savoury rice to richly-flavoured cheese. Whatever you try, however, spices are a natural ingredient of Indian flavours, as they are used extensively throughout many of their dishes — the distinctive spices used throughout the area are what characterize Indian food the world over. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the food is hot! Spices add flavour, not necessarily heat, and because of this unique and hearty taste, Indian food has become very popular in Malmö. And now, with freshly made Indian food delivered right to your home in Malmö, you are always just a few clicks away from a fresh curry or steaming naan to enjoy right from the comfort of your kitchen table!

Biryani, tandoori or madras?

Many Indian dishes derive their name after the special blend of spices that gives the ingredients their special character and taste. Biryani is a delicious Indian-style risotto with clarified ​​butter (ghee), coconut, raisins, almonds and a slew of milder spices such as cardamom and bay leaves. Pair this mild yet flavourful dish with crunchy vegetables or your choice of protein! Tandoori is a spice mixture that's a bit on the stronger side. The exact blend varies, but it usually includes hot cayenne pepper, garlic, ginger and onion. The mixture lends an absolutely exquisite taste to chicken, hence the immense popularity of tandoori chicken in most Indian restaurants. Because most Indians are Hindus or Muslims, lamb is the most common meat you’ll find in dishes, and beef is rarely used. Of course, you can find dishes with all sorts of protein including seafood, legumes and paneer, a delightful vegetarian option of relatively flavour-neutral cheese that really soaks in the flavour from the sauce. And with convenient home delivery in Malmö, there is so much yummy Indian food available right at your fingertips! When it comes to restaurants, The Indian Kitchen is one of Malmö's absolute favourites. Here you’ll find those iconic Indian classics such as stews with savoury madras curry. Madras curry is a truly excellent Indian spice mixture, a distinct blend of cumin, coriander and cinnamon where each one is roasted to perfection. You’ll also find mango chutney on their menu, a surefire speciality from the north that can be paired with chicken or lamb. For even more variety, check out Art of Spices and Curry Hut Mobilia, two other popular Indian restaurants in Malmö. What are you in the mood for today?

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