Enjoy all the delights of Indian cuisine with home delivery in Gothenburg!

Ordering Indian from restaurants in Gothenburg near you couldn't have been easier!

Indian cuisine is a sure bet for many Swedes! India is an enormous country, full of all sorts of styles of cooking, meaning it is home to many different food traditions. There is everything from North Indian, South Indian and East Indian — and each area has its own distinct speciality. Common throughout it all, however, are their distinctive spices: these unique flavours, used throughout Indian cooking, are what give the cuisine its special character. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the food is hot! Spices add flavour, not necessarily heat, and because of this unique and hearty taste, Indian food has become very popular in Gothenburg. And now, with convenient home delivery>, you’re never more than just a few clicks away from a delicious and authentic Indian meal to enjoy right at your table!

Biryani, samosa or palak?

Most Indian dishes are named after the special spice blend that gives the dish its unique taste. Biryani is an Indian variant of risotto with clarified ​​butter (ghee), coconut, raisins and almonds to create a perfect blend of sweet and salty. The dish is then balanced with a slew of milder spices such as cardamom and bay leaves, and you’ll typically add in some crispy vegetables or some hearty protein. When it comes to sides, look no further than the tasty samosa — a deep-fried pastry with an incredibly yummy filling. Choose a few different flavours to share or you can just get a bunch and enjoy the appetizer as its own meal! Palak means "spinach" and is used in a great number of traditional Indian dishes, such as the immensely popular palak paneer, with its toothsome, handmade cheese, known as "paneer," which has been blended with garam masala. You can also choose to make it more or less spicy, depending on your preference and tolerance! Most Indian dishes are paired with some form of protein such as chicken, seafood and various legumes like chickpeas and lentils, but there are many options for both meat-eaters and vegetarians. With home delivery in Gothenburg, you get the very best of the city's Indian cuisine delivered straight to your door! Indian Masala, Indian Bistro and Masala Zone are some of Gothenburg’s top favourites that you should definitely take the time to try. Indian Bistro offers a delicious vegetarian thali, a gorgeous selection of dishes specially selected by the chef. With so many options, there is so much worth trying!

Home delivery for delicious Indian food in Gothenburg — for when you want to really spice things up!

Home food delivery is a fantastic way to enjoy the very best cuisine Gothenburg has to offer without leaving the comfort of your home. It’s the ideal solution when the weather is poor and you’d just rather stay indoors. Or maybe to have an easy dinner over an unexpected visit or to take a break on a particularly stressful day? Whether you are dining solo or with friends and family, when you order in you can make sure that everyone is full and happy! And with the authentic Indian food in Gothenburg, there are a lot of unique and delicious dishes to choose from.