Indian food delivered directly to your home is perfect for when you crave some food with a bit of a kick!

Ordering Indian from restaurants in Gothenburg near you couldn't have been easier!

Indian food has been a long time favourite of Swedes all over the country, and Gothenburg is no exception! The coastal city of Gothenburg has been particularly open to influences from many different food cultures, and Indian cuisine has made quite a splash. India is seven times the size of Sweden and therefore boasts a myriad of food traditions for all of us to enjoy. The signature of them all is the use of exotic spices to create dishes that are brimming with flavour — but just because they are spices doesn’t mean they are spicy! Enjoy delicious Indian food delivered directly to your home in Gothenburg — a gorgeous, freshly prepared meal brought directly to your door!

In the mood for Indian curries, chickpea kebabs, hot tandoori or a hearty curry? Say no more!

One of Gothenburg's favourite restaurants is the Indian Bistro. They offer a diverse and extensive menu that manages to satisfy all tastes and keep up with all dietary preferences. From their tandoori grill you’ll find their much-celebrated soybean and chickpea kebab with vegetables, garam masala, and green chutney along with a slew of milder spices. And since their kebabs are made from Oumph marinated soy meat substitute, they are ideal for vegetarians and vegans. You’ll also find their homemade cheese paneer in many of their dishes, such as the Paneer Tikka, which has just a hint of that classic tandoori flavour. Tandoori dishes usually contain a bit of a stronger spice mix; the exact content varies from region to region, but you’ll typically find a combination of hot cayenne pepper, sharp garlic, crisp ginger and fresh onion. And with convenient home delivery, you get the very best Indian food that Gothenburg has to offer! We can also recommend Masala Zone, another favourite in town. Here you’ll find all sorts of delicious curries as well as homemade naan bread baked in a special tandoori oven — a truly authentic Indian experience!

With easy home delivery in Gothenburg, you can bring authentic Indian cuisine straight to your doorstep!

Home delivery is a wonderful way to enjoy the very best of Gothenburg's many Indian restaurants without having to leave the comfort of home. It’s an easy and convenient way to indulge in a fresh, fulfilling meal while giving yourself a break from the kitchen. Busy day at work? Tired and just want to stay inside? Then just order some tasty Indian food and have it there in minutes! Whether you are dining solo or with friends and family, we’re sure there is something that will satisfy everyone!