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Few dining experiences are as satisfying as a freshly grilled hamburger — the crispy bun, fresh vegetables, golden fries, and your choice of protein are the making of a perfect meal. The aroma of a sizzling hot burger really sets the mood for a summer party and warms the senses during those cold winter days. Uppsala is home to many first class hamburger restaurants that deliver straight to your door — the only question is which one strikes your fancy this evening?

Bastard Burgers, Phil's Burger or Klang Market?

The Super-popular Bastard Burgers serves all sorts of incredible creations. Check out their Los Angeles signature burger with jalapeños and caramelized onions. Or there’s the double halloumi burger Ayia Napa with sweet honey dressing. And we cannot forget to mention the Texas burger with its smoky barbecue sauce. This gourmet restaurant also serves Beyond Burgers as a tasty vegan alternative — delicious pea protein burgers that are coloured with beet juice to look and taste just like the real thing. When it comes to sides, they have all sorts of toothsome options such as sweet potato fries, mozzarella sticks, and chips made from root vegetables. Plus, all of their dips are available in vegan varieties! There’s also a wide array of children’s options on their menu — it’s little wonder that Bastard Burger has become the first choice for so many in Uppsala! Phil's Burgers is another gourmet burger restaurant that offers a diverse menu. Here you can also substitute a beef patty for a freshly grilled, plant-based Beyond Burger. Pick and choose from their numerous sauces and fixings such as delicious truffle mayonnaise, yummy avocado mayo, and pickled sliced onions. For a more diverse array of choices, check out Klang Market for their soft tacos, pizzas, and salads, in addition to their flavourful burgers. Soft tacos are a variation on the classic dish that have been rolled in soft tortilla bread. Their pizzas come in unique and sweet flavour combinations like Chèvre & Walnuts, which comes topped with delicious crème fraîche and sweet honey. Plus all of their salads and bowls come with fresh vegetables and delicious dressings. Then round off your meal with a savoury chocolate chip cookie for dessert! And if it’s fast food that you’re craving today, you can always order classic burgers from Max, McDonald's or Burger King directly to your home.

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Life is meant to be enjoyed, both on the plate and outside of it. When you treat yourself to delicious home delivery, you are making a tribute to the joy of life itself: not only do you get a great meal, you free up a ton of time that would otherwise have been spent cooking and cleaning. Instead you can do the things you really love in life! Where will your newfound freedom take you?