Absolutely stuffed Hamburgers delivered right to your door in Stockholm

Well-made burgers in Stockholm, for both the gourmet and the time optimist

In our beautiful capital of Stockholm you won’t have any issue finding delicious hamburgers. The time has long since passed when a hamburger would only consist of meat, cheese and ketchup. The standard for burgers has been elevated dramatically over the years; today we find ourselves with all sorts of tasty options such as pickled red onions, spicy sriracha sauce, and luxurious truffle mayonnaise — every burger has something special. And with easy home delivery for burgers in Stockholm, you can enjoy a fresh patty anywhere you are!

Premium burgers, right here in Stockholm

How about an exciting excursion to your favourite Stockholm spot with a gorgeous burger picnic? And with so much to choose from, you’ll never want for options. There’s the prime rib burger, the spicy BBQ burger, or the vegetarian Oumph burger to feast upon. Add some sides like a cold beverage or crispy fries, and you have all you need to make a really wonderful meal — plus you’ll be full and satisfied! There are all sorts of delicious favourites available atMax. Once you order, just sit back and relax, and wait for your meal to arrive. Burgers are a great meal to enjoy watching a film on the sofa or while having a feast with the family. Hosting lunch at work? Burgers are a great way to give everyone exactly what they want! Let each of your coworkers pick and choose precisely what they crave. And for the family-minded, trust us when we say that kids absolutely love hamburgers. Many restaurants even feature speciality kid menus — same burger taste, just in a smaller format!

The climate-smart choice — enjoy a veggie burger today

In Stockholm, it’s easy to be climate-smart and to choose healthier alternatives such as plant-based burgers. There’s the Plant Burger from Klang Market Hornstull, and of course the 100% Vegan from Phils Burger. Here in Stockholm you’re just a click away from truly tasty gourmet burgers, such as the juicy halloumi cheese or portobello mushroom burgers. With so many choices, it’s easy to find really delicious vegan and vegetarian options — there are dishes so tasty that they will tempt even the most ardent meat lover. And now, with convenient home delivery for burgers in Stockholm, it’s easier than ever to enjoy a delicious vegan meal!