Fresh Greek food straight from the charcoal grill delivered right to your home in Stockholm

Ordering Greek Kolgrillen from restaurants in Stockholm near you couldn't have been easier!

Greece: Many Swedes get a bit dreamy in the eyes when this country comes to mind. Blue-white facades, matching flags, wafting sunshine — and a kitchen that sizzles with passion! Greek cuisine is a place where rich, peppery flavours come to life to be enjoyed and appreciated. And now you can get your favourite Greek delicacies straight from the charcoal grill right here in Stockholm! An aromatic garlic tzatziki? A tasty souvlaki dish? Or a delectable gyro? Whatever you’re in the mood for, we deliver!

Halv Grek Plus Turk, Gyrella or Farbror Nikos?

Halv Grek Plus Turk on Östermalm is a true classic and a top choice for many Stockholm residents. They offer an exciting delivery menu full of speciality combinations for two people to share. Their vegetarian menu holds delicacies such as tzatziki, hummus, creamy red lentils and delicious halloumi pie. Or you can browse their premium menu for fine dishes like deep-fried sheep cheese rolls and calamari rings! Plus, you can get a sumptuous dessert in the form of a yummy baklava, the traditional Greek dessert with crispy layers of toothsome filo dough. Gyrella offers all sorts of Greek barbecue that you’re sure to love. You’ll find souvlaki, vegetarian dolmas and fresh falafel on their brilliant menu. Or for something a bit on the lighter side, check out their salad options. Farbror Nikos is known for their tasty moussaka dishes — this Greek dish is a truly delicious variant of lasagna brimming with savoury aubergines and béchamel sauce. They also have an extensive selection of salads such as their halloumi salad and even a vegan variant with roasted almonds. What are you craving tonight?

Set the table with convenient home delivery — the perfect way to enjoy food from the Grecian grill right here in Stockholm!

Home food delivery just makes life a little easier. Skip the cooking and the cleaning; don’t worry about finding a table at a crowded restaurant. Instead, save all the hassle and order directly to your door — with all the time you save, you can do the things you really love. Spend time with friends or family, practice your hobby, or just read a good book. With easy home delivery, you’ll have a delicious meal ready to eat in just minutes!