Spice up your life with authentic Asian cuisine delivered straight to your home in Uppsala!

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The various Asian cuisines have taken Sweden by storm, and Uppsala has truly embraced the trend! In our fair city you can enjoy Indian, Thai, Chinese and Japanese cuisines — and with convenient home delivery, all these options are immediately at your fingertips. Many of Uppsala's Asian restaurants offer a mixture from various cooking traditions, resulting in a diverse and flavourful menu that is sure to have something for everyone. Home delivery right here in Uppsala is an easy way to get the food you crave directly to your door in no time at all! What will you have tonight?

Pong, GinnDee or Spicy Hot?

Spicy Hot takes pride in their freshly made Asian food — in fact, their entire philosophy revolves around making toothsome dishes from authentic, pure ingredients. Here you will find all sorts of amazing dishes such as Thai curries, tasty wok bowls, and even a combination affair of four small dishes — the perfect choice for those who hate to make decisions. Their menu is also full of vegan and vegetarian options with delicacies like fried noodles with crispy vegetables. Plus, many of their dishes can be paired with Oumph! Soy protein or tofu instead of traditional meat. GinnDee Sushi & Wok has attracted many guests with their Asian fusion cuisine. Check out their fantastic tofu pad thai or their 30-piece sushi platter — wonderful for sharing with family and friends! The ever-popular Pong specializes in sushi and Thai in various creative flavours. Be sure to try their Yum Oumph, a fresh salad topped with Oumph!, chili and lime. And don’t forget their Chinese meatballs with water chestnuts and coriander or their lo mai chi — speciality hot coconut balls made from sticky rice and egg. You never know when you might take a taste of a new favourite dish!

Authentic Asian cuisine delivered straight to your door in Uppsala — for parties, a weekday meal, or just a moment of relaxation

Home food delivery is a convenient and reliable option for just about any meal. Whether you’re looking to celebrate an occasion or just aren't in the mood to cook, ordering food right to your door is an easy way to get a great meal going. And with authentic Asian food delivered right to your home in Uppsala, you’re in for a truly tasty treat. Take a break from the books or really enliven a Saturday evening by turning an ordinary meal into a toothsome feast! Or you can order directly to your place of work as that perfect midday pick-me-up!