Sushi, Szechuan and sweet and sour sauce — all brought to you with home delivered Asian food in Stockholm!

Asian food delivery directly home to you!

Asian cuisine is extremely popular with Swedes, and now with convenient home delivery in Stockholm, it is easier than ever to enjoy all sorts of delicious Asian dishes. Everything from Thai and Japanese to Chinese food — whatever you crave, you can find it in Stockholm.. Get your food delivered quickly and easily — skip the queues and just relax while your meal comes straight to you!

Poké — delicious all day

Poké (pronounced "poe-kay") is a newcomer to the scene that has really become a fan favourite in Stockholm in recent years, much like sushi was the culinary darling a few years prior. The dish is usually associated with Asian cuisine but it actually originates from Hawaii. Traditionally, the dish contains raw fish, but here in eclectic Stockholm, you’ll find all sorts of innovations and variations. This gorgeously colourful dish is not only delicious but immensely healthy, as it provides a welcome boost of vitamins and minerals in your everyday life! Hawaii Poké Odengatan is a favourite in Stockholm that has received consistently high ratings from guests and customers. Their original Poké bowl comes with tuna and avocado but you can also find variations with salmon, chicken and tofu as a base. Add a bit of kimchi or Japanese seaweed salad on the side to create the perfect meal! For even more Asian dishes, check out Pong, a restaurant that specializes in the best of hot and cold oriental cuisines. Pong has become a staple for Stockholmers, and with their home delivery it’s become easier than ever to enjoy it any time of the week. Plus, with their diverse menu, it’s simple to ensure that everyone in the family gets exactly the food they crave. Everything from delicious Thai curry and fried Vietnamese spring rolls to vegetarian sushi and sashimi, Pong has you covered!

Authentic Asian cuisine delivered directly to your door with easy home delivery in Stockholm!

Home delivery is designed to make your life just a little bit easier. Wherever you live in town, with our easy home delivery you can order a delicious and tempting meal straight to your door. Enjoy all manner of fresh vegetables and savoury sauces without the hassle of cleaning and cooking. Asian cuisine is the perfect meal for any occasion: spend time with your family and friends on a Friday night, relax at work with sushi for lunch, or set the mood for a romantic date — whatever the occasion, you’re sure to find something to satisfy!