From Asia's most accomplished cuisine to your front door in Malmö!

Asian food in Malmö: get your order delivered to you!

Asian cuisine is something that many Swedes have absolutely fallen for, and it’s easy to see why: dishes full of fresh ingredients, attractive aesthetics, and myriad healthy cooking methods. Now with convenient home delivery, you can enjoy the very best of Asian cuisine right at your kitchen table! Everything from savoury poké bowls in all the colours of the rainbow to sumptuous sushi; what are you craving tonight?

Burritofriends, Yukai or Reko Sushi — your wish is our command!

Asian cuisine here in Malmö offers many exciting delights for you to try. Burritofriends is a wonderful local hotspot that has really gained in popularity in recent years. They offer delicious burritos with rice, vegetables and your choice of protein, all wrapped in a warm tortilla. And if you prefer vegan alternatives, you can always opt for an extra heaping of warm vegetables or quorn mince — and that’s not even to mention all the choices for sides! Then there are the ever-popular poké bowls with quinoa, salmon and mixed vegetables. The Poké Bowl originally came from Hawaii and has since catapulted in fame all over the world! For more traditional fare, check out their salad bowls or taco bowls. When it’s time for dessert, you should definitely indulge in their milkshakes — with flavours like caramel and licorice, they are creative and delicious to the extreme. Yukai is another local favourite that offers Japanese cuisine, especially noodle dishes. They are well known for their udon and soba noodles — udon is a wider type of noodle whereas the soba is a slightly narrower version. For those passionate about sushi, this is another great place — you can find full 20-piece platters full of diverse options. There are even vegan options with tofu instead of fish! For even more Asian fusion delicacies, check out the deep-fried tempura and Vietnamese spring rolls also on their menu. Reko Sushi is also a highly recommended spot in the city. This highly rated restaurant is serious about sushi — they have platters with up to 100 pieces! All that you have to decide is who you’re going to share it with.

With authentic Asian cuisine delivered directly to your door in Malmö, you can turn a Monday dinner or weekday lunch into something truly special!

Sometimes you just don’t have the time or energy to cook and clean and shop. Wouldn’t you rather put those hours into doing something you really love? Then convenient home delivery is a premier choice! Bring a little sunshine to a Monday afternoon, add a touch of luxury to a Saturday lunch, or really make your weekend special with a delightful order of tasty Asian cuisine, right here in Malmö!