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There’s no need to travel all the way to Thailand to get that authentic Thai food experience — now you can enjoy the very best of Asian cuisine right here in Gothenburg. Everything from a delectable sushi dish, a toothsome poké bowl, a yummy Indian korma or a spicy curry platter – it can all be had in the comfort of home. As if that weren't enough, there’s also a ton of appeal vegetarian options such as a Buddha Bowl that’s been stuffed full with tofu, pineapple, kimchi and other tasty ingredients. With convenient home delivery in Gothenburg, you can easily fulfil your wanderlust and just have the delicious and exciting flavours of Asian cuisine right on your kitchen table.

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Anyone who has tasted a dish from the delectable Dubbel Dubbel is sure to know all about what makes them special. With beautifully made and wonderfully tasty dishes like plump dumplings and yummy baos, your meal is sure to be delicious. In the mood for dumplings but you just got home and the whole family needs a break? Just order in a meal from Dubbel Dubbel, straight to your door! Ordering delivery is a great option when you’re out of energy or just don’t have the time to make a meal yourself.

Yummy and fresh rolls straight from the Sushibar

How can we mention authentic Asian cuisine without noting the myriad tasty seafood? Gothenborg, of course, is known for its Feskekörka, where delicious shrimp sandwiches abound — the sea is always close by in Gothenburg. At Ichiban Sushi Bar you’ll find all sorts of sushi styles — everything from salmon and shrimp to octopus and tuna, the list goes on and on. Trust us, with authentic Asian cuisine, your meals will never get boring; you can vary these toothsome dishes just about endlessly. Few other kitchens offer the same breadth and depth as Asian cuisine!