Enjoy delicious American cuisine in the parks or on the avenue with convenient delivery here in Gothenburg

Discover amazing American restaurants in Gothenburg

Americans really know what’s what when it comes to food. When you’re in the mood for tasty American food in Gothenburg, you’re sure to have a great time. Gothenburg has several premium restaurants that offer the best of the best when it comes to American cuisine. Indulge in that warm comfort food that just makes you love life. Here you’ll find incredible burgers that will make your mouth water and pizzas dripping with sumptuous cheese. Plus, with convenient delivery, you can order the meal directly to your home or just about anywhere in the city — maybe arrange a beautiful picnic on a blanket in Slottsskogen or have lunch out on the square? With so much to try, you’ll have the perfect meal for any occasion!

Vegetarian delights about in Gothenburg

Prefer to eat vegetarian? Then American cuisine in Gothenburg is an excellent choice for you! Have you tried the extensive selection of vegetarian pizzas at Santa Pizzeria? And definitely check out Veggie Grill for their organic halloumi and assorted vegetables served with chili potatoes and garlic yogurt. Over at Glenn Gamlestan you can savour the delightful vegan Greenburger that’s brimming with avocado mayo and caramelized onions — now doesn’t that sound grand? American cuisine delivered right to your door in Gothenburg includes all sorts of vegetarian options that are delicious for all!

Kick your lunch up a notch with toothsome finger food for the whole family

Hamburgers are often the first dish that pops into people's heads when they think about American cuisine, but there is a ton to choose from when it comes to flavours and styles! Enjoy a hearty American style salad or a toothsome kebab sauce. Or try some crispy King Wings and some yummy cheese fries. When it comes to dipping sauces, the options are almost endless: maybe a spicy pepper sauce, a hearty garlic sauce, a delicate aioli, or a delectable chipotle mayo? Whatever you’re in the mood for, American cuisine delivers!