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In pleasant Trollhättan, you have tons of amazing dining options! And with home food delivery in Trollhättan, it’s never been easier to get a fresh meal delivered right to your door. Plus you get to skip the cooking and all the shopping and get right to the best part: the eating! What are you craving today? Whether it’s pasta, burgers or Greek, we've got you covered!

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Delicacies from Delhi, Ben & Jerry's or the extravagance of a wild boar pizza? At Pizzeria Nya Favoriten, the wild boar pizza is one of their tasty and tempting specialities, along with much, much more! For a bit of spice, we recommend Truly Indian and Bombay Indian Restaurant, where you can find all sorts of hearty dishes. Traditional dishes such as palak paneer as well as more modern dishes: definitely check out the royal naan, which is the classic naan bread but baked with ground nuts, coconut, cream and sugar! With home delivery in Trollhättan, the whole world of international delicacies can be delivered right to your table. For a modern classic that has won the hearts of many Swedes, order a crispy pizza from Pizzeria Paris, whose delicious pizzas have been voted by Trollhättan's residents as the best in the city! You can even round off your meal with a delectable Ben & Jerry’s dessert. Hungry on a Friday night? Look no further than the Greek tapas Restaurang Akropolis. Pick and choose your favourites from their wide variety of dishes, including garlic bread, saganaki and Kalmar — the perfect way to make a tasty mix of flavours and tastes that the whole family will enjoy. Complete the evening with a tasty dessert like filo-dough pastries or a sumptuous baklava!

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There are all sorts of occasions when it’s convenient to have your food served directly at the door. Free up your time for the things you really want to do by getting food directly from your restaurant without even needing to pick it up. Enjoy the sun, spend time with your friends and loved ones, or socialize with your colleagues. When you order in at your next corporate party, you give your co-workers the freedom to choose exactly what they want — a gesture they are certain to appreciate. Home delivery is easy, convenient, and always tasty!