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Popular restaurants

Experience the ease and convenience of delicious home food delivery in Sundsvall

With the myriad home food delivery options in Sundsvall, there is a lot of exciting dining to try. Whether you’re crazy about burgers or just want to try some ethnic cuisine, you’ll find all sorts of places that fit your fancy. From Asian and American cuisine to speciality dishes from Italy and Greece, there’s no shortage of tempting and delicious dishes to experience. Perhaps a vegetarian casserole from Sju Kryddor or one of the many flavourful pizzas from Pizzeria Kermit on Köpmangatan? Or you can look for traditional Indian fare such as tikka sizlar or tikka masala. Several of Sundsvall's restaurants offer free delivery so that you can try all sorts of restaurants with ease. For a more unique experience, check out the delectable sushi from Sushi House or a classic Japanese dish from Dragon House — all with no extra charge for delivery.

The City of Burgers

Sundsvall may very well be the city of burgers, as it is full of tempting burger joints from the casual to the gourmet. The residents here are spoiled by places such as Max, Bastard Burgers and Good Times, all of which offer amazing meals each in their own signature style. At Bastard Burgers, the burgers are vegan, and so tasty that they have become something of a pilgrimage spot for vegans all over the country to stop by and taste. Good Times serves classic burgers as well as savoury street food such as langos, falafel and marinated ribs. Plus you can always round off your meal with a choice of delicious side dishes and toothsome sauces.

The choice is yours!

With so many alternatives, the choice may feel daunting at times, but the great thing about home food delivery in Sundsvall is that it’s easy and effortless: order whenever the mood strikes and try out new and different dishes each time. Let your curiosity lead your heart (and your stomach!) and discover new favourites from a wide array of international cuisines. Step outside of your comfort zone and you might find something you really enjoy. Your reliable dining and takeaway places are all well and good, but with our extensive restaurant selection, you’re sure to find adventurous and exciting choices full of new discoveries. Who knows what dish will become your new favourite and which sides will call you again and again? And if you still can’t bring yourself to decide, you can always order a sampling of small dishes with a friend so that you can try out a wide variety of things together.