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From humble beginnings, home food delivery in Lund has really come a long way. With all the students of the city eager to test new exciting dishes, or just those who want to give themselves a break from tests and exams, ordering food is a great way to reclaim a bit of time for yourself so you can do the things you love most. That way you can really enjoy all the lovely places and activities Lund has to offer, a magnificent jewel of Sweden that has attracted many greats chefs, pubs, and kitchens.

The perfect way to rest and recharge

Lund has all sorts of food and restaurants that fit in perfectly with the busy life of a student. Try out one of the many delicious pizzas at Valentino to really turn dinner into something exciting. While well-known for their pizzas, Valentino also offers delicious baked potato dishes that will give you plenty of energy to get you through the last bits of that essay or the focus to finish up your readings for the evening. During the day you might consider savoury burgers from TUGG Burgers or a delectable poké bowl from Sugoi Lund. Both restaurants provide delightful and undeniably yummy alternatives for both carnivores and vegetarians alike.

When you’ve finished studying for the day and it’s time for the evening’s festivities to begin, definitely check out the dumpling menu at Fengsson Dumpling House or the tasty Middle Eastern cuisine at Khatoon. Skip the cooking and bring these flavourful dishes right to your door so that you have the energy to dance long into the night. And when the next day arrives and you have your meeting in the student union? Make the appointment a bit more special by taking a small coffee break with the light fare of the nearby Grand Deli.

Get fresh food delivered right to you, wherever you are

Make your day a little brighter by enjoying freshly cooked and delicious food, wherever you happen to be. Hanging out in the "Botan" after your courses and not quite ready to go home yet? Taking a break from late-night studying in Lundagård? Wherever you are in Lund, get a fresh meal directly to you. For instance, simply enter the E-huset or AF Borgen as the delivery address, and you’ll have your food ready to eat post-haste! Ordering in (or out!) is a great way to keep the day feeling fresh and exciting while staying invigorated and energized.