Delivery from Landskrona’s best restaurants and stores

Få hem maten du älskar, snabbt och smidigt

Popular restaurants

Enjoy the culinary delights of Landskrona with convenient home delivery

Landskrona is known as the city of wind, but no longer do you have to endure the gusts to get fresh food on your table! Thanks to the convenience of home food delivery in Landskrona, you have easy access to the best of the city's many restaurants — delivered fast and right to your door. Pizza, Indian or kebab — what will tempt your taste buds today?

From Acapulco pizza to beef fillet, there’s always something exciting to discover!

Landskrona has a huge selection of restaurants from all over the world! When it comes to pizza, there is no shortage of options: the ever-popular Kajos pizzeriahas been named one of the best in the city by Landskrona natives. Here you’ll find classic styles such as the Vesuvio and the Hawaii pizzas, but you’ll also find interesting and luxurious specialities such as the Landskrona Bols or Vegetarian specials. The perfect way to celebrate on a Friday night! For other options, Landskrona Pizzeria is well-known for their baked pizzas while Restaurang La Perla is acclaimed for their generous gourmet pizza dishes. Whatever you choose, one thing is absolutely certain: home delivery in Landskrona makes it easy and convenient to get whatever meal you’re in the mood for. Grillmaster, for instance, features (just as its name suggests), toothsome grilled dishes of different styles and cuisines — everything from hamburgers and kebabs to falafel and plaice, there’s simply so much to choose from and it’s all incredibly tasty. For Indian food, be sure to check out the popular Maharani restaurant where they serve classic entrees like samosas (a truly yummy knot of dough stuffed with a spicy vegetable filling and served with sweet chutney), kormas, and stews. You can even pair it with your choice of protein with vegetarian options also available!

With home food delivery in Landskrona, you can bring a touch of elegance to any meal any day of the week

Isn’t it nice to have a bit of extra freedom to spend your time as you wish? Sometimes it seems like we spend so many hours planning meals, what with all the shopping and cooking and cleaning. Give yourself a bit of a break with home delivery here in Landskrona. It’s a great way to surprise a friend or loved one during a random weekday, or to set up a special occasion on a Friday night. Or during the week, you can have a delicious gourmet lunch delivered straight to your place of work — that way you can stay healthy, happy, and full for the rest of the day! Home delivery in Landskrona has never been easier and gives you the freedom to use your time for the things you truly love!