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As the pearl of the southern province of Skåne, Helsingborg is a great place to order delicious food online — there are many options to choose from for those who want to order delicious home food deliveries in Helsingborg.. Here you’ll find dishes representing cuisines from all over the world — speciality meals from Korea, the US, Vietnam, and well beyond. In addition, there are around thirty different pizzerias to explore, just in Helsingborg alone. That might very well make the city one of the most pizza-dense cities in the entire country!

Favourite mainstays in Helsingborg

A clear favourite amongst Helsingborg natives is Campino Pizzeria which won the prestigious 2018 "Best in its City" award at foodora. Campino offers unbelievably delicious pizzas that have really left their mark on many Helsingborg citizens and passers-by over the years. Now you can enjoy Campino pizza right at your own kitchen table with convenient home delivery in Helsingborg. They offer a diverse array of pizzas in various price ranges and with a wide selection of truly tasty toppings. Campino even has its own menu dedicated to its legendary cheese pizzas. Plus you can also try out other yummy dishes such as kebab, burgers and salads.

Plenty of choices

For anyone looking to enjoy a meal of truly excellent food, there are many fine restaurants to choose from in Helsingborg that offer fresh and easy home delivery. Wing It! Helsingborg, for example, offers all sorts of finger food and street cuisine with its delectable chicken wings, all with convenient free delivery. If you’re craving Vietnamese cuisine, be sure to check out the signature dishes from Ha Noi Quan. Vegan pizza? Look no further than Cleopatra Pizzeria! And for all your sandwich needs, there’s Big Basha and Subway for a mouthful that’s out of the ordinary. Get inspired and try a new dish! Simply place your order and then just relax as you await the delivery.