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Enjoy home food delivery in Gävle

If you haven’t yet, it’s definitely worth trying out the amazing home food delivery available in Gävle. Whether you’re short on time or just looking for a fresh new meal, home delivery is an excellent alternative. Ordering food is a fantastic way to try out exciting and elaborate dishes or to discover brand-new favourites that you can recreate yourself — or simply order conveniently to your home whenever you like!

Gävle’s favourite restaurants

A favourite mainstay for many Gävle residents is Södergrillen och Pizzeria, recently given the "Best in their city" award and featured on the "Top 10 in Sweden" lists by foodora. Located right on Södra Kungsgatan, this well-regarded kitchen will whip up something fresh, delicious, and just for you — ready to be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home. The place has really become a beloved local favourite in Gävle. Södergrillen och pizzeria offers traditional pizzas alongside more novelty varieties such as chocolate pizza, calzones, and cheesy-crust pizzas. You should also take a look at City Pizzeria Och Restaurang, another darling of the neighbourhood, which was also featured on the "Top 10 in Sweden" awards list from foodora.

Delicious pizza and so much more

If pizza isn’t quite your style or you want to try something else, Gävle is the humble home to so much more. Libanesen på Hörnet is another favourite for the city, full of all sorts of savoury, toothsome dishes. Fresh beef fillet skewers and splendid vegetarian dishes complete the menu; make sure to try their signature baba ghanoush or their yummy warak enab, their speciality version of dolma grape leaves. For the sushi lovers, three delectable sushi restaurants are all within arms-reach when you order online: Sakura Sushi, Sushi House and Esa Sushibar Gävle are all perfect eateries for home food delivery in Gävle. Or do you prefer a burger for dinner? Look no further than the classic Burger King. Maybe you just want a snack but lack the time or energy to go out? Simply place an order with Candy Paradise to try out all kinds of combo packages full of your favourite snacks. We recommend their Estrella package or the generous bulk candy offerings.