Delivery from Falun’s best restaurants and stores

Få hem maten du älskar, snabbt och smidigt

Popular restaurants

Cuisines from around the world in Falun — Irish, Indian, Italian and more!

Falun is a gorgeous city where it’s important to take the time you need to live and relax. Give yourself a bit of extra breathing room with home food delivery in Falun where you’ll find a wide variety of restaurants that are guaranteed to satisfy all sorts of tastes. Whether it’s pasta and pizza from one of the city's Italian restaurants or grilled dishes and curries in classic Indian style, we serve fresh and hearty meals right to your front door!

Vegan kebab pizza, Greek samosas, and classic Capricciosas

Falun is a city that revels in its history: we all know the Falu red color which has adorned many Swedish facades. It’s a place where you can enjoy modern classics like vegan kebab pizza, a delectable meal that can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of their diet. Be sure to try one of the freshly baked vegan kebab pizzas from Köpmanskrogen or Falu Salladsbar! And if it’s Capricciosa or delicious halloumi pizzas that you prefer, Falun has got you covered. La Vencia is one of the city's most beloved pizza places. They offer all sorts of barbecue dishes and platters such as burgers, kebabs, and taco platters, as well as their extensive à la carte menu. Piacetto Lounge invites you to select from a wide range of freshly made pasta dishes and fresh salad meals — you even have the freedom to create your own with a tasty mix and match! For more ethnic cuisine, New Mumbai offers colourful and delicious Indian dishes such as their hearty aloo gobi and crisp butter-fried bread. Whatever you choose, we’re sure that you’ll enjoy your meal — and since you can have everything delivered right to your door, you’ll get to experience fine dining right in your own home.

Enhance your Friday night with tasty takeaway

Home food delivery in Falunis a convenient and eminently tasty alternative for any day of the week. Whether it’s a weekday where you’ve been busy all day or you want to enhance your Friday evening plans, skip the cooking and order food directly to your door. With the many different options, the whole family will be truly satisfied! Plus you won’t have to deal with all the necessary labours that come with preparing a great meal: shopping and cooking and planning and measuring. Instead, just order, relax, and dine. We can also highly recommend ordering food directly to your workplace so that you can enjoy a brilliant meal. Carve out some time during the workday to really experience your food so that you’re ready and raring to go for the rest of the day.