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Order food online from the best restaurants in Sweden

With such a diverse selection of available restaurants, it has become a common trend to shift and sample between the menus and cuisines of different restaurants. The perks of a take away mean that you can also eat from the comfort of your home courtesy of a food home delivery. So, just like the legendary order online pizza services that have been around for decades, you can do the same for the more exotic foodstuffs such as an oriental or Mediterranean cuisine, for instance. You can order and even select a designated location within one of the cities we operate in Sweden such as Stockholm, to pick up the food.

About foodora food delivery service in Sweden

Forget about the improved road or transport networks! With revolutionizing technology, it has become possible to pinpoint geographical locations accurately, which is a big positive for any food delivery service. If you wanted to order a sushi home delivery from restaurant in Stockholm or Göteborg we, at foodora, will oblige and deliver in typically 30 minutes or less.

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Once you download our Android or iOS app, you can check the menu online beforehand and decide on your pick. Afterward, you then order online and pay, as you wait to have your food delivered. It doesn't matter whether you are at the office on a busy lunchtime, or whether you are working late because we will deliver to the premises. In Sweden, our delivery services cover food delivery in Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö and Uppsala.

Food home delivery from the best restaurants in your city!

If a burger delivery is too popular a snack and you would rather try something different, than its better if you check a menu online from some of the best restaurants in Stockholm. The Indian King restaurant in Stockholm, for instance, serves a sumptuous meatball curry with Ekkore fish or would you rather order falafel from the Kebab & Grillhouse in Göteborg? Perhaps a simple fruit salad from Acai & Sånt in Malmö or a veggie burger and fries delivered to your office from Holy Burger restaurant in Uppsala will be an appetizing snack. We have partnered with top restaurants in Göteborg, Malmö, and Uppsala to ensure that you get only the best. So, order and have your favorite meal delivered today.